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Hello! My name is Amber Lee, I am grounding in

New Earth Feminine Energy. 

My Life Work is to transmute Co-Dependency into
Inter-Dependency through the way Sovereignty.

It lights me up to facilitate the reclamation of power in individuals and partnerships. Where every human is able to stand solid in knowing who they are, fully embodying presence in their worlds, and co-creating this reality!

Weaving medicine from stories of pleasure and pain from many experiences with knowledge of Human Design to assist in your navigation into coming home to yourself.

I graduated from the University of South Florida in 2010 with a BA. in Psychology. This led me both into working at the Crisis Center as a counselor for many years and into massage therapy. I have always worked deeply with people in space where many shy away, such as in space where suicide and childhood trauma arise.

Throughout my journey I have deepened into knowledge of Human Design, Gene Keys, Plant Medicines, and Energy Healing. I have been on a spiritual awakening path this an many entire lifetimes. I am glad to be able to walk beside you shining a light on your path for you to see.